Recreation Facilities

Open Spaces, Recreation Areas, Playgrounds and Parks:

We are fortunate in Eversley to have an abundance of Open Spaces, village greens and playgrounds and the Parish Council maintains these areas in a sympathetic manner, paying particular attention to playground safety and public accessibility.   We have a network of 38 footpaths.  Fy tipping is an unfortunate occurrence caused by people from outside or those who take no pride in the village! If you should see any vehicle tipping rubbish, please take the registration number and report it to the Police or the Parish Council.

The Parish Council also uses local grass cutting contractors Nick Robins Ltd who’s owner lives in the village and employs a team of men responsible for six sites (including 4 play areas) which are cut and strimmed on a regular basis, to a very high standard. 

Playgrounds are at:

Chequers Green     In the centre at The Fielders is 4.8 hectares of play area with cushionfall bark pits being refilled on a regular basis.   Play area contains a trim trail, football and basketball nets and large children’s playground with picnic area and tables, shrubs and trees.

Cross Green            This contains seesaw, swings, spring rides and picnic area with tables. Here, our contractors take great care with the wildflower areas, shrub beds and woodlands which contain wild bulbs and many recently planted trees and shrubs.

Centre Green            At the rear of Centre Green there is a 5-a-side football pitch which is cut and strimmed regularly, giving a green area where ball games can be played. In addition, an area has been cleared through the coppice behind the playground, to create a cycle terrain for use by the children of the village.

Church Green            This area contains the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Post, trees, bulbs and benches and is again maintained to a high standard.

Lower Common      The Parish Council is in the process of improving the play area on Lower Common, and with the aid of a grant from the Big Lottery has installed a cableway and a climbing pyramid jungle for older children.  Additional equipment has been ordered and site preparation started on an area for younger children, with the aid of a grant from Veolia.  It is also hoped to site an adventure climbing and balancing trail at some point in the future.

Great A at Warbrook
The Great A has finally been completed and is now a pleasant green space for walkers.

In June 2007 the Parish Council was awarded a grant under the BBC Breathing Places scheme. In order to manage the project within the budget a small team of volunteers was brought together and lead by former Cllr, Pete Tidey.  

Lots of partners have been involved in the restoration of the Great A, including Devere Manager, Gavin Webster who was keen that the area, which is designated as village green, should be opened up for use by the community. 

One of our first completed jobs was digging a ditch from half-way along the old drive to link up with the culvert under the A327. During the digging we found evidence of an old drain, and after a lot of experimentation we were able to start draining the water from the south side of the drive. This drainage system extended up to about to about two thirds of the way towards the Bramshill Road. We diverted this water through to the A327 culvert and around the east of The Street rather than following its old course into Warbrook Lane. By this action we have reduced some flooding risks.

Old Drive

Old Drive
Changes are most readily noticed in the area along the old drive which runs from the gate by the A327 roundabout down towards Warbrook House. Two ornamental ditches have been dug parallel to the drive. The area between the ditches and the drive has been cleared and 44 oak saplings are now in place. The saplings have protective guards and stakes.

We have recently installed a 900mm pipe under the drive to replace the existing 100mm pipe and so facilitate our drainage work.

Tree Clearance and Replanting
Additional tree clearance has mainly been limited to the area inside the ditches alongside the old drive and even here we have allowed mature oaks to remain. Where we have gaps outside the main drive we have planted a 400 strong selection of native trees and bushes such as hazel, hawthorn, spindle, bird cherry, alder buckthorn, grey willow and guilder rose. If this is successful it should greatly improve the seasonal attractiveness and biodiversity of the site.

Footpath 9 Improved
From the entrance at the A327 end, footpath 9 was a quagmire in wet weather and this was caused in part by the poor state of the adjacent ditch, which was cleared courtesy of DeVere Venues. The footpath surface was prepared and gravel funded by Hampshire County Council’s Countryside Access Programme. 40 tonnes of gravel was laid by a volunteer task force of 14-20 people from Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership led by Tim Mockeridge, Countryside Ranger for Blackwater Countryside Service.

An additional footpath has also been createdAdditional Path
An additional footpath has also been created to lead from the end of the Old Drive closest to the A327 and meander through the wood till it joins Footpath 9 about 30 yards from the A327. This footpath has a gravel surface and like Footpath 9 should be suitable for those with pushchairs to have a pleasant circular stroll.  

An ad hoc group of 5 Eversley volunteers has evolved and has taken part in tree clearance, tree planting and path laying. It is a good chance to get some healthy exercise in a lovely spot; socialise a little and improve a village asset. There will be plenty to do in the coming months and years so if you are interested in finding out more please contact Cllr Pete Tidey.


We are pleased to be able to report that all is now complete and we have a thriving major sports complex at the heart of the village.  This is run by the Sports Association with the support of the Parish Council.

Seven junior football pitches are being used by thirty regular teams with age levels from seven to seventeen.  

The two senior pitches are also in regular use by the Eversley Football Club 1st and 2nd elevens. Success and elevation to higher leagues has necessitated up-grading of the facilities for both the team players and the spectators.

EFC has already won an award for the best ground facilities in its league and ESA has been nominated for a “Groundsman of the Year” award. 

 Cricket has not lagged behind. The addition of an Indoor Training Centre with four  lanes of cricket nets that can be adapted to provide space enough for an indoor game has been a remarkable achievement. It has been built to the highest standards and is unique in the south of England even rivalling the Hampshire County Cricket Club at the Rosebowl.

This facility is now in regular use by Eversley Cricket Club colts and seniors and we can look forward to the 2010 cricket season when some of the benefits of indoor training  should be seen on the new cricket square.

Income is also being derived from hiring the extended clubhouse for other forms of recreation – bridge clubs, art groups, wine tasting, birthday parties and wedding receptions. The facilities offered by the clubhouse are also meeting with acclaim.