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Please note that there will inevitably be changes to the names and telephone numbers given below but we will endeavour to keep the details as up to date as possible.  These are normally amended at the beginning of each year.  If you are listed below and no longer carry out that task or become aware that there has been a change of name or circumstances please let the Parish Clerk know on 01252 876 924


St Mary’s Eversley     Parish Priest     Rev. Mike Saunders Telephone 0118 973 6595
Church Hall Bookings  Telephone01252 692431                
ChurchRecords - Sylvia Jackson Telephone01252 871853
Church Funerals - Ethel Smith  Telephone01276 65063
Church Weddings - Iris Scammell Telephone01252 873503

Eversley Village Hall - Geri Ricketts Telephone0118 973 0536
Libraries: School Lane, Yateley 01252 873880

The Mobile Library Service for 2007 will call at each of the Eversley locations shown below on each of the dates given. For more information contact Fleet Library on Telephone01252 614213 or see the website


Mobile Libraries RLL6 Route 3

10, 24 January | 7, 21 February | 7, 21 March | 4, 18 April | 2, 16, 30 May | 13, 27 June | 11, 25 July | 8, 22 August |
5, 19 September | 3, 17, 31 October | 14, 28 November | 12 December

Eversley, Horns Farm 10.25am to 10.45am
Eversley, Oaklea Drive 10.50am to 11.05am
Eversley, Little Acorns Playgroup 11.10am to 11.35am
Eversley, Kingsley road 11.45am to 12.10pm
Eversley, Pauls Field 1.10pm to 1.30pm
Eversley ,Chequers 1.35pm to 1.45pm

Recycling and Waste Disposal Sites:

Chequers Pub, (Eversley) - Facilites for recycling at rear of Pub.
Waitrose Supermarket (Yateley)  - Facilities for the recycling of bottles, cans and newspapers at both.

Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area


Linking Life and Landscape

In the north east of Hampshire lies a little known but very special area of villages, towns and countryside. From Basingstoke in the west to Farnborough andAldershot in the east, and from the border with Berkshire in the north to the North Hampshire Downs in the south, it is a rich and varied landscape full of surprises. This is the Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area.

The Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area is an historic landscape, with much of it being a former medieval hunting forest known as the Forest of Eversley.Almost 1000 years ago, it would have been managed by local communities to produce food and materials and enjoyed for sport by the royal court. The numerous deer parks such as Dogmersfield, Bramshill and Hackwood arose during medieval times when kings granted "imparkment" licenses to favoured subjects in order that they might raise deer and enjoy the hunting rights normally reserved for royalty. Within the parks and royal hunting forest, Commoners Rights were given to the people that lived there in order to pasture their cattle, feed pigs, gather fuel and grow crops. Woodlands were coppiced, with the crop being used for fencing, fuel, in wattle and daub and a range of woodcrafts. Yateley,Odiham and Hook Commons, examples of where these rights were practised, are now wildlife refuges supporting endangered habitats and species. It is still a living and working countryside, predominantly used for farming and forestry, and as such remains very important to the people that live there.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust has long been aware of the area’s importance for wildlife. The rivers, wetlands, woodland, meadows,hedgerows and heathland support a multitude of species. These habitats and much of their associated wildlife have been identified by the UK Government as priorities for conservation. But we can’t afford to be complacent. These wonderful habitats are just remnants of what would once have been a much larger block. Development and intensification of farming have resulted in habitats being lost, whilst remaining habitats have become fragmented and under significant pressure from development.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! The Loddon and Eversley Partnership was established to meet the challenge of protecting and enhancing all that is special about the wildlife, history and landscape of the area whilst promoting a healthy and sustainable rural economy. Led by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, the project is funded by local authorities and other agencies. It aims to work with communities, landowners and managers in order to protect, restore and enhance valuable habitat and landscape features.

Amanda Bassett is employed by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust as the Loddon & Eversley Project Officer. In her role she provides free advice to farmers, landowners and community groups, helping them to implement schemes and to access grants that will bring real benefits to the wildlife and people living in thearea. She also works to raise awareness of just how special this area is in terms of its wildlife, landscape and history.

So what can you do to get involved?

Perhaps you are a farmer or know of a landowner considering Environmental Stewardship (ES). ES offers very real opportunities,hedgerow management for example, to restore degraded habitats and link valuableareas of land. Advice is freely available from organisations like the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group.

Do you spend a lot of time out walking or enjoying the wildlife in your garden? Why not start recording what you see? Perhaps someone could beresponsible for keeping a parish wildlife record. Don’t forget to send in your records to the Wildlife Trust where they will be entered into a database and used to inform land management decisions.

Your parish has some areas identified as Sites of Importance forNature Conservation (SINCs). These include ancient woodland blocks for which the free management advice and assistance with grant applications is available.

Do you know anyone involved in local produce or crafts? The Loddon and Eversley Project would like to hear from you with a view to promoting the rural economy on the Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area website.

Do you have ideas for habitat restoration or enhancement? Again,we would like to hear your proposals and direct you to appropriate grant schemes. Some grant funding is possibly available from the Loddon and Eversley Project.

To learn more about the area, to find out what’s on, or where to buy local produce, visit

For further information please contact Amanda Bassett at the Hampshireand Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust
TelephoneThe Loddon and Eversley Small Projects Fund?

Limited project funding has become available through the Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area Project for local projects  which meet the aims of the Loddon and Eversley project. It is expected that parishes or local groups would be able to match fund projects by up to 50% (25% of which could be from in-kind contributions), and would be looking for funding of between £500-£2,000.

The Loddon and Eversley Small Projects Fund (LESPF) is a small grants scheme aimed at local communities or groups within the Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area of north-east Hampshire. The Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area Project will award grants to selected projects of up to £2000. (The grant may occasionally exceed this amount for exceptional projects, please contact us if you wish to discuss this further). Please note that the LESPF is a one-off project fund, and funds will be allocated on a first-come first served basis.

How can the Loddon and Eversley Small Projects Fund help your group or community?

We can fund projects that enable local people to get involved and help towards achieving the aims of the Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area. The Loddon and Eversley Partnership aims to work with communities, landowners and managers to involve as many people as possible in a shared vision for:

  • A varied landscape rich in wildlife
  • A healthy rural economy
  • An area that local people can enjoy and where they can learn more about their countryside and it’s heritage

The LESPF supports local projects that help to achieve the aims and objectives of the Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area.  

In the table below we have listed the overall objectives that projects may cover.

Your Project must:

  • Help achieve objective 1
  • Help achieve at least one other of the objectives listed below.
Your project should also aim to:
  • Help towards achieving as many Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area objectives as possible.
  • Benefit as wide an audience as possible.
  • Demonstrate local support for/involvement in the project.
  • Show that any necessary aftercare can be maintained. 

Objective 1 - Biodiversity and wildlife – to protect and enhance species and habitats within the Loddon and Eversley Heritage Are

Objective 2 - Access and interpretation – to provide for public access that enables people to enjoy the countryside and wildlife in the area

Objective 3 - Heritage and landscape – to protect and enhance the heritage and landscape of the Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area

Objective 4 - Education – to encourage people to learn about the wildlife, countryside and heritage of the area

Objective 5 - Rural economy – to encourage a healthy rural economy

For further information or to request an application pack please contact me on the details below. Please do also pass on this information to any community groups or others that you are aware of who may be interested.

Amanda Bassett
Project Officer - Loddon and Eversley Heritage Area

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