Freedom of Information Act


The Parish Council is striving to make information available on request.  In an attempt to introduce greater openness and to continue to seek ways to make even more information available to the public, Eversley PC is following the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 

The Publication Scheme for Parish Councils, which will be revised from time to time, is a new initiative and as parishioners are aware, the Parish Council has modest resources.  We therefore have to charge for much of this information and a list of charges, which may include photocopying, administration, postage and mileage, is available on written application from the Clerk.

Eversley Parish Council policy is to be as open as possible and supply the information requested but the Parish Council may withhold any information if it considers its release not to be in the public interest and could cause significant harm.  Any sensitive and confidential information is exempt from public information.  Any exclusion as prescribed by law is contained in the publication scheme.

Anyone can request information in writing, by e-mail, on the website or at suitable premises by prior appointment.  The request must include details of the applicant and the information sought.

Practice and Procedures

  • Minutes of Council Meetings, Sub Committee Meetings, the Annual General Meeting and the Annual Parish Assembly.
  • Standing Orders
  • Agenda for the forthcoming meeting

Code of Conduct

  • Members Declaration of Acceptance of Office
  • Members Register of Interests – Held by the Monitoring Officer at Hart District Council.

Planning Documents

  • Responses to Planning Aplications.

Open Spaces

  • Safety Inspection Records for all playgrounds.

Audit and Accounts

  • Annual return form for the last financial year
  • Report by the Internal Auditor for the last financial year
  • Receipts and Payments, and Bank Statements for the last financial year – viewing by appointment only.
  • Precept Request
  • VAT Records
  • Fees and charges applied by the Council

 Conservation Area Statement

  • Available from Hart District Council.

Council Circulars/Newsletters

  • Eversley Parish Council Welcome Booklet
  • Eversley Parish Council Newsletter
  • Rights of Way Guide


  • Information pack for tenants including diagrammatical plan.  Members of the public may only view a model agreement on request.

Burial Grounds

  • List of charges
  • Rules and Regulations

Clerk to the Council Mrs Julie Routley
Telephone 01252 876924                      Email: