Friday 12th January - Tell Ranil Q&A at Eversley Village Hall,

RG27 0LX 6.15-7.15pm (please register in advance at

Ranil Jayawardena, our constituency MP, is coming to EVERSLEY VILLAGE HALL at 6.15pm on Friday 12 January to answer any questions you may have or respond to any points you wish to make to him.

Please tell your friends and neighbours in EVERSLEY about this and get them to come along too


On 5th Dec an HDC Officer came to speak about Neighbourhood Plans

Please click here to view the Eversley Presentation

Please click here to view the Notes from the Neighbourhood Plan Meeting

This is the link to HDC’s neighbourhood plan webpage

This has links to HDC advice notes and external sites including the Community website mentioned in the presentation.

These are the links to the three adopted Plans in Hart:

Link to Resourcing your Neighbourhood Plan below: 


At 7.30pm there was a presentation on Neighbourhood Plans

from an HDC Officer

and an opportunity to ask questions 

This was followed by the Full Council Meeting




Accounts for the Financial year 2016/17

Please find below:

External Audit of Annual Accounts 2016/17

Please click on link for Notice of Conclusion of Audit

 There were no matters which required the issuing of a separate additional issues arising report.


A copy of the Accounting Statements 

Declaration with regard to the Accounting Statements

A copy of the Annual Governance Statement

A notice detailing the period for the exercise of public rights

A statement detailing the exercise of public rights

Receipts and Payments Summary and Bank Reconciliation 


Cemex Public Exhibition Cemex are holding a public exhibition on Saturday 17th June at Eversley Village Hall from 11.15-3.15pm regarding their development plans for Eversley.

CEMEX Pre-application




The Annual Assembly on Wednesday was a great opportunity to talk about village matters. We enjoyed meeting the residents who came along to chat informally over a drink and nibbles and participate in a discussion with the Parish Council and the two District and County Councillors for Eversley. We’d have been even happier if more people had turned up to let us and the District and County Councillors know what concerns them! A number of matters were raised, including Hart’s proposed Local Plan and other larger developments in the village.

At this stage, the Local Plan is being consulted on and other proposed developments are at tentative pre-application stage (that means that developers like Bovis and Cemex have put out “feelers” to the Planning Authority to get their reaction to possible development). The general consensus at the meeting was that the infrastructure and amenities such as roads, sewage, schools, health centres and public transport could not support development on this scale. This had been made clear to Hart by many, including development professionals, so we could only hope that they will take notice. The discussion also indicated the need for some affordable housing in the village, but this did not appear to be a major part of developers’ plans.

The meeting noted that, because all the proposals are tentative at the moment, no firm planning applications have yet been made; so the Parish Council has not, and cannot, take a view as yet. The Planning Authority must consult the Parish Council about all planning applications and we will respond to whatever firm proposals are made and publish them for all to see.

Each and every resident can say what they think about the Local Plan, via You have until 9th June to do so. And you can send your comments to Hart about any planning applications, again via the same website.

Adrian McNeil

Chair, Eversley Parish Council  


Dear Residents,

A number of residents have noted that the Eversley element of this year’s Council Tax has risen by 44.6% since last year. They have been asking what the money is to be used for and how the Parish Councillors can justify such a large increase.

The simple answer is that your Parish Councillors have always strived to set a very low budget. For the last ten years and more, the Council has asked for the bare minimum. It has sought to make do and mend. Unfortunately, there comes a time when things can’t be put off any longer. We have needed to invest in new equipment in our play areas and elsewhere. In order to attract additional grant funding, the Council needs to provide part of the capital itself. Also, last year the Council spent, at the request of residents, an unexpected £3,000 on defending the fields beside Marsh Lane from inappropriate housing; made a grant towards urgent repairs to the Eversley Village Hall; and, had to pay to replace vandalised picnic tables.

As Parish Councillors, we agreed that the time had come to ask for a more realistic sum of money. It should be noted that, even after this year’s increase, the parish element of your Council Tax is still lower than the average paid by other residents of Hart District. The Band D rate for Eversley is just £72.91, compared with a Hart District average of £75.27. Whilst some residents may pay less than half this figure and others pay up to twice as much, the increase equates to an average rise of about 43 pence each week, taking the average payment from 97 pence to just £1.40 a week. Minutes relating to the decision to make this increase can be found on our website under 6th December 2016 and 3rd January 2017.

The real answer is that your Councillors need to spend that additional £2.00 per household per month, which, unlike residents in other similar sized parishes, you have not been charged for many years. We trust that this modest capital investment will be more than repaid in the upgrading of village facilities for the benefit of all residents over the coming years. We do hope that you think it is worth paying just £73 per year so that we can continue to make Eversley an even better place in which to live.

Kind regards,

Your Eversley Parish Councillors

As a Parish Council, we do many things on your behalf to keep Eversley the lovely place that it is, such as:

· maintaining the communal areas like the four Village Greens, the village pond and Common Land;

· providing and maintaining the equipment in the four children’s play areas;

· installing picnic tables and benches in or near the play areas;

· keeping the main streets and play areas free of litter and dog mess;

· providing a Burial Ground and maintaining it, the Graveyard and the Churchyard;

· renting land from Hampshire County Council to provide garden plots;

· reporting fly tipping, fly-posting vandalism and anti-social behaviour;

· working with all agencies to try to resolve our local flooding issues;

· providing bus shelters to keep our children dry while they wait for the school bus;

· commenting on planning applications and getting involved in other planning matters;

· running the local Speedwatch and providing Speed Indicator Devices to help slow traffic;

· managing work carried out under the Parish Lengthman’s Scheme and by Community Payback Teams;

· representing your interests on other bodies, e.g. Blackbushe Airport Consultative Committee;

· helping to enhance and maintain the Rights of Way network and to report overhanging trees/hedges;

· working with the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership to improve the whole valley;

· aiding the Eversley Sports Association to extend its scope and to relocate its floodlit pitch;

· campaigning for better services and facilities for the village; and, raising local issues that matter to you.

We are all volunteers and, whilst expenses can be reclaimed for work outside the parish, we do give up our time freely and appreciate the help of the many other residents who support us in our work.


Accounts for the Financial year 2015/16

Please find below:

 A copy of the Accounting Statements (this is unaudited and subject to change) 

Declaration with regard to the Accounting Statements

A copy of the Annual Governance Statement

Anotice detailing the period for the exercise of public rights

A statement detailing the exercise of public rights

Receipts and Payments Summary for 2015-16 


 Flood line 0845 988 1188 (24 hour service) 


 The Parish of Eversley is in the north-east of Hampshire, on the banks of the Blackwater River, which itself forms the County boundary with Berkshire. It is one of the northern parishes of Hart District, lying to the west of Yateley and north of the A30.  It is about 4 miles from Fleet, 10 miles from Basingstoke and 6 miles from Camberley.

The village of Eversley comprises five distinct areas - Lower Common, Eversley Street, Eversley Centre, Eversley Cross and Up Green.  Within these hamlets there are about 600 houses and nearly 1500 residents.
Eversley has many features typical of Hampshire villages - a church, a school, a village green and duck pond, a cricket pitch, a village hall and a shop-come-post office.  However, they are dotted around the parish so that it has no obvious core.
Church Green Church Green  
There are four designated Conservation Areas, at Church Farm, Eversley Street, Eversley Cross and Up Green.  To the south and west of the vlllage there are large areas of forestry, parts of which are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s), because of their nationally important wildlife.  Some of these are also designated as parts of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area, because of the internationally rare birdlife, such as the Nightjar, Dartford Warbler and Woodlark.
There is an extensive footpath and bridleway network and ready access to the hundreds of acres of forestry land, which is much used by local horse riders.  One of the bridleways, The Welsh Drive, passes close by a bronze-age bowl barrow called Cudbury Clump on the Bramshill boundary and crosses the parish to the Yateley border by Blackbushe Airport, with access to Eversley’s National Nature Reserve at Castle Bottom.