Agendas & Minutes

Most recent Agendas for:

Full Council 16.1.18
Open Spaces 15.1.18

Meetings will be held in Eversley Village Hall and commence at 7.30pm. All meetings are open to the public. There is a session for members of the electorate to ask questions.

The Full Council and Open Spaces Meetings will occur monthly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays respectively. There will no longer be a separate Planning Committee. Instead planning matters will be incorporated into the other 2 meetings.

Minutes will be uploaded following their approval at the subsequent meeting.


2017Parish Council (inc Planning)Open Spaces (inc Planning)
January3rd              17th meeting cancelled

February7th 21st


Annual Assembly 23rd May

Annual Meeting (AGM) 16th May

July4th 11th 
Augustno meeting scheduledno meeting scheduled
October17th * change of date17th
December5thno meeting scheduled

2016 Parish Council Planning Committee Open Spaces
January no meeting                5th & 19th meeting cancelled

19th meeting cancelled

February 2nd 2nd meeting cancelled & 16th no meeting
March 15th  23rd extraordinary meeting 1st & 15th 1st
April no meeting 5th& 19th19th

11th Annual Assembly 8pm

17th Annual Meeting (AGM) 

no meeting
June  7th N/A21st 
July 5th  
August no meeting scheduled N/A no meeting to be held
September 6th N/A no meeting was held
October 4th N/A 18th
November 1st N/A15th 
December 6th 6th N/A no meeting to be held


 MEETINGS 2015 - Click on the date of the meeting to view the minutes
Parish Council Planning Committee Open Spaces
January 6th  6th & 20th 20th
February 3rd 3rd & 17th no meeting held 17th no meeting
March 3rd 3rd & 17th 17th
April 7th
Annual Assembly of Electors 29th at 8pm
7th & 21st 21st
May 5th
AGM 19th 
5th  & 19th  19th
June 2nd 16th Extraordinary meeting 2nd & 16th no meeting
July    21st  7th Extraordinary Meeting 7th & 21st 8th change of date
August no meeting 4th no meeting
September Wednesday 16th * This is a change of date 1st & 16th 1st
October no meeting 6th & 20th 20th
November 3rd 3rd & 17th meeting cancelled no meeting
December 15th 1st & 15th meeting cancelled 1st


2014 Parish Council Planning Committee Open Spaces
January 7th 7th & 21st 21st
February 4th 4th & 18th 18th
March 4th 4th & 18th 18th
April 1st 1st & 15th 15th
May 6th
Parish Assembly 14th
AGM 20th 
6th  20th no meeting held 20th 
June 3rd 3rd
17th no meeting held 
July 1st 1st no meeting held
August 5th  5th no meeting
September 2nd 2nd 16th 
October 7th 7th 21st
November 4th 4th 18th 18th
December 2nd 2nd 16th 16th



Parish Council Planning Committee Open Spaces
January 2nd 2nd & 15th 15th
February 6th 6th & 19th no meeting 19th
March       6th       6th no meeting & 19th 19th
April 3rd 3rd & 16th 16th
May AGM 14th, Parish Assembly 21st 14th 14th
June 5th 5th and 18th 18th
July    2nd 2nd and 16th 16th
August 6th  6th No meeting
September 3rd 3rd and 17th 17th
October 1st 1 st and 15th 15th
November 6th please note this is a Weds 6th-no meeting  and 19th 19th
December 3rd 3rd and 17th 17th


2012 Parish Council Planning Committee Open Spaces
January 4th  4th & 17th 17th
February 1st 1st & 14th cancelled 14th cancelled
March      7th       7th & 20th 20th
April 4th 4th no meeting held & 17th 17th
May 2nd &AGM 15th 15th no planning meeting held 15th
June 6th 6th & 19th no planning meeting held 19th
July    4th 4th & 17th 17th
August 1st 1st , no meeting on 17th      no meeting
September 5th 5th & 18th 18th
October 3rd 3rd & 16th  16th
November 7th 7th & 20th 20th
December 5th 5th & 18th no meeting  18th